elevator sex

Ki Kwang: ”I’m so tired,” he pouted at you, while putting both his hands on your shoulders.He had been recording all day long and now you were in the elevator, since he just wanted to go home.”Yeah, so am-” you heard a loud thud and that was when the elevator stopped.You looked around, then slowly turned your head towards him to watch his reaction.He gulped and looked you in the eye, seeming a tiny bit scared.You frowned at him, while grabbing his torso, snuggling into his chest as he chuckeld slightly at your sudden move, patting your head: ”Neh, at least you’re here,” he pulls away to look at you, while giving you a brief wink.”Aren’t we supposed to call for help or somethi-” You see him shooking his head, then leaning in to kiss your lips, slightly parting them as he cupped your cheeks, while pushing you until your back hit the elevator door.”St-top,” you said between breaths, trying to push him away from you but it was almost impossible, since he was at least twice stronger than you.”I thought you were tired,” you grabbed his chin, squeezing it between your fingers so he could not kiss you.”I am,” he grinned at you, then closed his eyes and puckered his lips as he waited for your to kiss him.He was so close that your eyes were crossed while looking at him and you couldn’t help but do as he wanted you to, pressing your lips against his.He smiled as soon as he felt your touch, deepening the kiss to the point you were barely breathing, since he wasn’t about to let go off you, his hands roaming all over your thighs.”Should we,” his features contorted in a defiant smile hearing you moaning when his hand rubbed your womanhood, then he continued: ”do it?”.It was useless to approve it or not, because he would have done it his way no matter what, so you just gazed him so he could get the idea that your answer was an affirmative one and you saw him grinning for the second time, this time even wider.Excitedly, he pressed his hands on the door on either sides of your body and signaled you to unzip his pants, while he was kissing your cheek sweetly.You unbuckled his boxers down to his ankles, before you stroked his member lightly, getting a loud groan from him.You began rubbing it faster and faster until he stopped you, quickly unbuckling your pants and your panties, then lifting your body by grabbing your butt, holding it up enough so he could get into you.Looking down as he slowly inserted himself, you let out a blaring moan that caused him to squeeze your hips even tighter as he made all the way into you, before slipping out almost completely, then slamming back, harder and deeper, fastening the pace as you both felt reaching your climax.But you were soon stopped by the sudden noise created by the elevator, which was moving again.”Omo,” he held you even closer to his body, pumping in and out at a tremendous speed as you reached your orgasms within short seconds.You quickly managed to pull your pants up, as he zipped his own while getting out of the elevator, looking around to see if anybody was watching.

Yo Seob: ”Yeah, it stopped.Thirty minutes? Okay.”He called his manager, which reassured him that it would take no longer than 30 minutes ’till the elevator started functioning again.”Now tell me again, why did I have to come with you?” You crossed your arms above your chest, giving him a death glare since the elevator stopped right at that moment, when he had an important interview and you had business around, yet he insisted that you would come with him and you kind of regreted it at that moment, because you were stuck in the elevator and it wasn’t that pleasant.”Because you love me?” He raised an eyebrow at you in a demure way, barely looking you in the eye and he seemed like he also considered himself guilty of what happened.Sighing, you rolled your eyes and opened your arms widely, waiting for him to respond, as you saw him smirking with all his might, happy that you were not that mad after all.Getting closer to you, he hugged you back as you rested your head on his chest, before giving him a light kiss and asking him what you were gonna do at the time being.He chuckled lightly as he gave you a seductive look, trying to get you in the mood for something, since his hands were tugging at your shirt.”Does the elevator word tell you something?” He nodded in approval, biting his lip.”That’s why I want to.Please,” he flung his eyelashes in front of you, trying hard to get an approving answer from you.You mirrored his expression, also biting your bottom lip, thing that signaled him that he can take things further, pressing you against the wall and kissing your neck lovingly, while one of his hands was rubbing your hip lightly.He moaned against your skin as he felt you put your hands on his member, slightly stroking it as he grew big in no time.That was when he decided that it’s time for you to get naked and he helped you to take off your pants, before he unbuckled his.Grabbing one of your legs, he lifted it so it could embrace his torso, as he unhurriedly positioned himself at you entry, despite the fact you had no more than 20 minutes.”Oppa,” you moaned out and grabbed his hips, pushing him boldly into you so you could save time.His grip on your legs tightened as he fastened the pace, breathing heavily against your ear, his hot breath sending shivers down your spine.That was when his phone rang, making him stop and look you in the eye, not knowing what to do, but you signaled him to keep going and forget about the phone, as you wrapped your arms around his neck, grinding your hips against him and making him climax shortly after, only to be followed by your tight clench around his member, as you also orgasmed.Panting heavily, he pulled up his pants after he handed you your clothing items, then checked out his phone, only to see that the manager gave him another call.Calling him back, he found out that you had to wait even longer, since the problem couldn’t have been fixed that easily.”Round two?” He roughly pushed you against the wall, leaving a trail of hot saliva down your neck.

Jun Hyung: ”Can’t wait to get home,” he whispered, while running his index finger up and down you arm, sending you chills, since you already knew what he was talking about.You giggled at him and blushed slightly, wishing the same thing.You were between the 10th and 9th floor when the elevator stopped moving.”What the-” he turned around to look at the control panels, almost pressing the alarm button, hesitating at first.”Oppa, what are you waiting,” you asked all anxious, before he pressed it anyway.”Annyeong haseyo,” he waited politely for someone to answer.”Yes, sir,” the intercom employee replies.”Our elevator has stopped. How long does it take for you to fix it?” ”At least thirty minutes, sir. We are very sorry for the inconvenience,” the man’s fake concern was obvious.”Yeah, okay,” he sighed, closing the interphone.”Guess we’ll have to wait,” you stated, while pouting and leaning against the wall, gliding down until your lower body reached the floor.He looked at you for quite a moment, but before you could ask him what he was thinking about, he bended his waist to the point his face was at the same level with yours.”Why don’t we do it here?” He gave you an alluring look, before pressing his forehead against yours, his warm breath spreading all over your face.”N-No,” you stuttered, enchanted by his charming actions.”Come on, yeobo,” he whispered softly, while putting his whole weight on his knees, as he stood in front of you.”We’ll do it quickly, okay?” You whispered back like a fool, even though no one could hear you.”If you think so,” he shrugged his shoulder, before grabbing your arm and pinning you securely under him as he placed you on the floor, removing your pants and your panties.You reached for his pants, unzipping them slowly as he looked at you and bit his lip, growing in anticipation since you weren’t hurrying the things at all.”Come on,” he gritted his teeth, while helping you to take his pants and his boxers off.Briskly throwing them on the floor, he spreaded you legs as you wrapped them around his waist, before he tardily got inside of you, not pulling back until he got all the way in.”You ready?” You bit your upper lip, which let him know that you were, indeed, ready, as he began pumping in and out of you.He was groaning everytime your walls would squeeze him, pushing faster and harder.”___-ah, I’m c-coming,” he informed you before slamming himself two or three more times, releasing right away after, waiting for you to do the same.Leaning in to peck your lips, he dressed up quickly, then came to help you with your own clothes,  mumbling: ”It was better than doing it at home,” he chuckled absent-mindedly at himself, before kissing you one last time as you waited for no more than a couple of minutes for the elevator to start moving.

Hyun Seung:  You were in the elevator, as he wanted to take a selca with you.Both of you making a cutesy pose, he was about to press his iPhone’s take photo button, when the lights went off and the elevator stopped, triggering the flash.Blindful, you quickly searched for his hand, squeezing it tight.”Oppa,” you mumbled nervously, as he squeezed your hand back.”Damn,” he hissed under his breath, before reaching for you even more, encircling his arm around your neck and kissing your forehead.”We’ll wait,” he whispered softly, rubbing your back with his other hand.”Okay,” you began trembling and said nothing else, until a voice was heard through the speaker.”Annyeong haseyo, I’ll have to inform you about the inconvenience. It might take more than 20 minutes for us to find the causing problem, so we’d like you to bear with us.We are truly sorry,” a masculine voice said, before you heard a loud beep as the speakers went off.He chuckled lightly, relaxing for a bit, even though you were still scared.”Why are you laughing?” You hugged him tight, clenching your fists around his jacket.”I always wanted this to happen, but I was hoping to see your face,” he said softly.”What? Are you nuts? What would you-” he cut you off by rubbing your inner thighs, parting your legs with one of his knees.You ow-ed at him as you realised what he was talking about.”No way,” you tried to push him away, yet you were too afraid to let go off him, so you decided to go with the flow, allowing him to do whatever he wanted to as you clinged onto him tight.The fact that you couldn’t predict his next move because it was utterly dark intensified the hot atmosphere between you two, as you found yourself moaning at his every single touch of the lips against your skin.Before you even realised it, he pulled your pants and your panties down, before he stopped to take his own clothes off, taking his hands off you as he stepped aside, tensing you up.”Oppa,” you reached for his hand but grabbed his cheek, instead, causing him to chuckle lightly.”I’m here,” he whispered as he got closer to you, grabbing your legs and lifting you in the air so he could get inside of you.He pushed in and out slowly, as you were still holding him tight, burrying your face inside the crook of his neck as you became moaning his name out, thing that caused him to pump faster, until he released inside of you, softly groaning.When he wanted to break away, you insisted that he’d stay inside of you until the lights turn on and that was what he did, kissing you softly the whole time.

Doo Joon: You two attended a party and, because it was getting quite late, you decided to get back at home.His head was propped against the mirror and his arms crossed above his chest as he was looking you up from head to toe.”What?” You snapped at him, your cheeks getting redder.”You’re beautiful,” he shrugged his shoulder as if he didn’t say something that big, even though it meant the world to you.”T-Thank you,” you sttutered and lowered your head, playing with the hem of your dress.He came closer to you, pushing you against the wall as his hands were placed on either sides of your body against the wall and, without you realising, he pressed the button for the underground parking lot.”What are you doing?” You raised an eyebrow at him, as he was smirking, without replying.Then, when the door was about to open, he hit the Emergency Stop button.”Whoa, what are you… are you nuts? What the-” You couldn’t hold back your anger as you couldn’t understand his sudden twist of actions.”I’m tired.So are you,” you stated an obvious thing, which caused a non-reaction from him.Instead, he leaned in to kiss your cheek nonchalantly, making his way to your mouth, then your chin, nibbling at the soft skin.”Ya, ya.Stop,” you pushed him lightly as you wanted to get him off you, even though you enjoyed his little game.”Nuh uh,” he shook his head off, getting closer one more time and continuing his series of sweet kisses, until he reached your breasts, hot sloppy kisses all over you chest.You raised your hands in the air for a moment, trying not to react at his pushy behaviour, but it was almost impossible as he also reached for you womanhood, squeezing it gently, getting a soft moan from you.He smirked against your breasts, content that you finally gave in, so he spun you around, pressing you against the wall as your back was facing him.Lifting up your butt slightly, he pulled up you dress and took off your panties, before he hastily took off his pants and his boxers, placing his member at your entry and rubbing it slightly against your opening.You let out a frustrated groan before you bumped yourself into him, causing him to slip inside of you until he was all the way in.”Mhm, move,” he demanded under his breath as he stayed still, waiting for you to do the whole job.You didn’t agree it at first, but seeing that he wasn’t about to push in and out, you decided to grind against him, causing him to moan loudly as he firmly grabbed your hips, finally pumping in and out of you as he was about to reach his limit, going faster and hitting your spot over and over again, until you felt your knees going weak, him being the only cause that you were still standing up.Releasing inside of you, he leaned in to kiss your back, before he got out of you and dressed himself and he seemed fresher than ever.”Round two at home,” he pecked your lips and hit the Emergy Stop button for the second time, as the elevator started moving again.

Dong Woon: You were in the elevator of the building they were living in, when he placed his hands on either sides of your waist, then leaned in to peck your nose.”I’m so tired,” you pouted at him and let out a deep sigh.”Want a massage?” He raised his eyebrows at you, tempting you to accept his offer.”Okay,” you gave him a weak smile as you turned around, letting him squeeze your shoulders lightly.”Does it feel go-” The elevator stopped, causing you to turn around and give him a desperate look.”No!” You whined, tugging at his shirt and stomping  your foot.”How am I gonna rest?” He looked at you with sorrowful eyes and didn’t know what to say, before he opened his mouth, trying to fix his words in order to get a sentence that wouldn’t sound that pervert.”Well… we can relax.If you want to,” he gave you a meaningful grin as he put his hands on your hips, caressing them lightly.You immediately got the point, yet you weren’t sure about what to do, since it was a public place and it was rather dangerous and insecure to do it in there.”This isn’t the first time this thing stops.It takes more than 30 minutes,” he smirks at you, getting closer as he wanted to charm you completely.”Ok-kay,” you stumbled on your own words as he was close to the point your breasts were squeezed on his chest, his forehead glued to yours and your noses grazing each other lightly.With one shaft movement, he unzipped your pants and unbuckled them down, before he almost ripped off your panties, getting a discontent groan from you.He chuckled against your ear as he licked it softly, while he was also removing his pants and his boxers, helped by you.”No cameras, right?” You looked around to see if you could spot one, but it was almost impossible.”Don’t care,” you felt him smiling when he finally released his member, exposing it to free air as he buried it between your legs, placing his tip at your entry.”Lift your leg,” he ordered you as you followed his command, only to feel him grabbing your leg and wrapping it securely around his waist, before slowly getting inside of you, to the point he felt he was all the way one, withdrawing soon after that, then slamming back, more powerful.”Mhm, ___-ah,” he moaned your name out  several times while pumping in and out, until he felt your walls squeezing around his member, leaving him breathless for a second, before he quickly came back to  his old self, ressuming his speed and releasing shortly after, yet he waited for you to climax as well, licking your neck the whole time.After you dressed up lazily, since he reassured you still got plenty of time, he slyly asked you: ”Are you still tired?” You let out a soft laugh, replying that you were better than ever.


trololol Jun Hyung’s line “You ready?”. Guess you got that. (;

also… uhm, I made some research and it is said that you cannot stop an elevator when you want to, unless you’re in a movie or something similar.But anywayws, Doo Joon can do anything, so… yeah.

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